Stress: a holistic approach

Nieuwlaagje offers a holistic program that can be used both preventively and curatively in the event of stress and work overload. The program pays attention to both the cognitive side and the signals of the body. Signs that we often ignore, such as: tension in the neck, high breathing, an increased heart rate or an indefinable feeling.

Cognitive approach: we use solution focused coaching. A solution focused approach is concrete, focused on sustainable solutions and a realistic future.

Body-oriented: listening to the body is essential in case of stress. In this program we do that with the help of mindfulness, yoga and breathing exercises.





Business with a bite

This requires an environment in which people stimulate each other with attention and empathy. Openness and discussion. Challenge each other and celebrate success. Bind and sometimes say goodbye.

Nieuwlaagje takes leaders on a journey of self-discovery with the "ME at my best" program. During the journey, personal vision, values and qualities become clear. At the end of the journey, we also facilitate the important moment of alignment with the company's vision. How can they reinforce each other and what is the impact?

"For ❤️-led businesses to make a positive difference, it's vital to make the space for personal purpose and organizational purpose to find each other."

Get out what's in it

During the coaching we focus on one of the most essential life questions: What do I stand for?
Because of all the adjustments (role identification) that we make consciously and unconsciously during our life, this answer is not easy to give.
During the journey of self-discovery Nieuwlaagje offers various supporting techniques that you can use to find your answer. Coaching, training, mindfulness, breathing and yoga are used in a playful and creative way. Remember: growth takes place just outside the comfort zone!

At the end of the self-discovery journey it is clear how you make a difference from your inner strength, both in work and in private life. Get out what's in it.


'reflection time' is the most important element for a vital life and a healthy work climate. Unfortunately, too few people reflect regularly. Life constantly demands that we go faster and do more. Standing still feels like a 'luxury' rather than 'essential'. Free-up your agenda, make up your balance and determine your way forward. For many people this feels like truancy and not as part of work or personal leadership.

During my own reflection trip in Vietnam (2019) I decided to start I offer individuals and companies an accessible and powerful way of reflection. No talking sessions but self-reflection from silence with the support of yoga. for further information